Things You Didn't Know About Education: Is Homework Harmful Or Helpful?

This article is about things you did not know about education. The question, is homework helpful or harmful? There will be different opinions on the pro and cons of the subject. Going into this with an open mind will let you make an honest choice on what side argues the best. If you have children in the education system you may want to take a serious interest in this work. It goes without saying the education staff will follow it until a definite decision is made.


The best way to look at this matter is to start from the beginning grade. Work to the graduation grade. This could be several years’ difference depending on the college degree. The reason the education department starting passing out homework was to teach responsibilities. This could be argued that the idea made a lot of sense. Children in the lower grades do not have much of a work load to begin with. Giving them work to do after school could only bring on positive results. The biggest subject about the work is the amount. To help combat the overloading of material the idea of time came up. The suggestion is a good solid one. The work should not consists of amount but time. Each student depending on grade should start with ten minutes of studying a night. This goes up a bit as the grade does. This gives the student time to handle any of the other things that there is to deal with. The time goes up to two and half hours for the higher level grades. Eliminating the work altogether could help change the view of the parents and students. We all know the pressures of the world today. Add the pressures of school to surviving life’s daily grind and images take life.


There are things that are negative in this subject matter. The unfortunate truth is our younger generation are not exempt from the pressures of the world. The strength of the family and their values has diminished greatly in last couple of decades. This situation forces our children of today to miss out on having a childhood. The later grades up to the college level are forced to take part in the real working world a lot earlier. It is said that teachers are giving these students too much work for after school. This causes too much unwanted stress that leads to negative results. Students should want to attend class. They should not feel forced to go. The education department should make the experience of attending school a positive one. This will improve the whole system from attendance to graduating.

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