Where To Get Chemistry And Physics Homework Help For Free

Do you consider chemistry complicated? Do you find anything to do with molecules, compounds, atoms, elements, formulas, chemicals etc to be complex? Many students struggle with their chemistry and physics assignment. The truth is that these two science subjects are not as difficult as many people find them. They are more than interesting. You just have to learn and reinforce your mastery and understanding of the concepts. So what do you need to do in order to effortlessly handle assignments in these two subjects? Well, you only need to know where to get free help.

Here are some recommendations to obtain assistance for free:

Specialist Online Websites

There are specialist websites online that offer both chemistry and physics help. These websites provide you with all the help you need with your homework including the various types of laboratory tests, lab safety information, and chemical reactions among many others. A great and unique feature about platforms of this type is that they have an array of sites offering reliable information about issues related to chemistry and physics. Most of these sites also have tutorials ranging in level from middle school all the way to undergraduate. Quite apart from video or written tutorials, some sites also offer the services of tutors. The tutoring body here consists of a variety of dynamic and young graduate tutors who majored in the subjects. Professional tutors have a rich experience and advanced degrees. These tutorials cover curriculum of different countries such as Hong Kong, UK, Australia, USA etc. Regardless of the year you are in, you can always find courses on stoichiometry, physical, quantum, analytic, organic, and general chemistry.

Most of these free and core academic platforms offers rich multimedia content such as simulations, animations and videos on general education subjects, physics included. You do not need to make any registrations to use these open resources. All you need is high-speed internet connection like Cable Modem or DSL. Some content in the platform normally uses Adobe Flash. It is highly recommended that you install Adobe Flash Player 10.x or even higher in your system.

Your books and their solution guides

Your course book, of course, should always be an important resource in you finding help with your schoolwork. Most books pose questions at the end of chapters. And to make sure you know the answers you have come up with are correct ones, the correct solutions are also given at the back of the book so you can check. Most course books also come with accompanying guide books, mostly meant as teaching aides for you teachers. If you can get your hands on one, it can be a great help while you are doing your work.

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