Finding reliable and free high school homework help

Homework is quite frustrating at times, both for students and family alike. Getting help from the internet, a teacher, a parent, or a study buddy can fix this thought. And thankfully, there are steps that can be taken to minimize frustration and improve work habits.

Organization between school and home

This is important. Students often forget notebooks or textbooks at school, which leads to delays, frantic late night fights, and homework stress. But this can be alleviated. This can be aided by asking the teacher to check in with your child at the end of each day. Ask them if they have their books. If a child uses a locker, you can hang a list types in different colors, reminding them of what they need to bring home each day. Conversely, an index card can be taped to the front of their planner. Having this solid communication will ensure there are fewer items forgotten between home and school.

Organization for homework

It is just as important for homework to be organized. When children struggle with homework, there are steps that can be taken.

  • A specific area needs to be designed as the study/homework area. Within this area there should be all of the necessary supplies to complete your homework. It is best to keep all of the necessary supplies in the same spot, so that they are easily accessible and so that you always know where they are.
  • It is important to get help avoiding homework. If, for example, you have a child who often neglects their homework (more often on purpose) then you should set up rules for when homework is done and how it is done. Maybe it is best to have a snack each day before homework. Make the student should take a break after they finish each assignment. If breaks are taken, set an alarm or timer so that there is never any hesitation about when you have to return to work. Figure out what sort of stimuli is acceptable and beneficial during studying. Does a cup of tea help or hinder? Does classical music help or hinder? The process for how homework is done is just as important as the homework actually being completed.
  • Maybe the reason that homework is becoming such a struggle is because the teacher is not giving the best instructions. It is perfectly acceptable to ask the teacher for extra help or to share with the teacher any concerns.

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