How to Do Your Homework Easily: English Homework Help

You know English; you speak it, you read it, you write it, it’s your first language! So why is English homework so darn hard? If you’re having trouble keeping up with or understanding your English assignments, don’t be embarrassed. Most students have trouble with English as one point or another! There are a lot of ways you can make your life a little easier when it comes to homework. Here are a few suggestions for where to turn next time you’re stumped in English.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Teachers think they’re explaining things clearly the first time, but at the end of the day they are just people and they can make mistakes, or be less clear than they mean to be when they give instructions. Go ahead and ask them to clarify anything that doesn’t make sense to you; if it sounds like a dumb question, you can always wait until after class. But, chances are, if you’re not getting it, there are plenty of other students who aren’t getting it either!
  • Go online. There are a lot of resources that are designed to help students who are struggling with their homework; many websites offer free worksheets and review sheets that can answer many of the basic questions that will help tie everything together for you! Some websites also have forums where you can post specific questions, or live chats with experts who can walk you through the things you’re having trouble with. All of these websites feature helpful guides and games for grammar, spelling, writing, and reading. The games are especially a good tool, because you’ll be learning without even realizing it!
  • Sparknotes is your friend, but not your best friend. Sparknotes is a great resource for helping you understand the content of the books you’re reading in class, but you should never skip reading the book and rely on Sparknotes alone! Many times, teachers will read the Sparknotes for the chapters they’ve assigned, and may quiz you the next day on information that they know can’t be found in Sparknotes. Also, you won’t really be learning anything, and it’ll come back to bite you when it comes time for the test. That being said, Sparknotes can help you understand more about each chapter, and understand things like metaphors and allusions that are confusing to you when you’re reading. So feel free to use it, but use sparingly, and always as an addition to, and never a replacement for, the actual reading!

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