Dealing With Philosophy Homework Problems Without Stress

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a heavy burden of stress when you’re already feeling overwhelmed with all the philosophy assignments you are trying to keep up with. As a student juggling this and other classes as well as a social life and trying to get good grades, this can just seem like too much sometimes.

There is a way to balance all these things and be successful with it at the same time. Here are some pointers to help you out:

  • Get yourself as organized as possible. The thing to do first is settle on a study area. Hopefully, a permanent one. This would be a quiet area with no distractions. Avoid things like cell phones, television and the internet. It’s still handy to have a computer to do your typing on but with no internet connection. All your supplies should also be at your work station. Try to avoid using your bed. You will be tempted to sleep instead. Make sure to have good lighting.
  • Establish a study style and a routine that works for you. Do you do better with a long block of time where you can get started and keep going strong until the work is done? It’s probably better to have a maximum of 2 hours without a break. 1 hour is better. Try doing 1 hour of work, 10-15 minutes for a break, then another hour of work. Use a timer or stopwatch.
  • Use an agenda to keep track of all your assignments, when they are due and any other pertinent information regarding how they are to be accomplished. It doesn’t matter if you use paper format or electronic, as long as you keep it up to date.
  • Do you have any unproductive habits you need to get rid of? Like procrastinating, or fooling around during class. Class time given for doing assignments is perfect and you should take full advantage of it. Doing work during class means less of your own personal time has to be taken up doing it. Furthermore, you are at school and can ask your teacher any questions that might arise.
  • Avoid pulling all-nighters just to get school work done. All it accomplishes is getting you tired and worn out. Work done all throughout a night is usually of lesser quality because your brain isn’t as alert and doesn’t think or function as well as when rested.

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