Free Tips For Parents: How To Get Your Child To Do Homework

There are so many distractions in today's world. Television, game consoles, tablets, cell phones; there's an ongoing list. Lots of children have these things at their disposal. Because of all these modern distractions, it can be difficult to motivate them to do their homework. I don't know about you, but I've never heard any kid say that they actually want to do their homework. Sometimes you have to give them a helping hand.

If you're out of ideas or just don't know where to begin, I'm here to help. I hope some of these tips will work for you.

  1. Set up a homework-friendly place in your home. Whether you have a desk or just set your child at the dinner table, make sure they have everything they need to complete their work. You should have pens, pencils, paper, scissors or whatever else they might need available to them and within reach.
  2. Make a schedule. You can make a schedule for the week that will let your kids know what time they should be working on their studies. A daily routine can be extremely helpful. Know what time works best for you and your child and set a time for homework then.
  3. Help them make a plan. If they have an overwhelming number of assignments or a big project to you, help them break up the work into more manageable parts.
  4. Take breaks. If you and your child are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, stop for a while to take a walk or get something to eat.
  5. If you're not sitting in the room with them, check in with them every once in a while to make sure they're doing their work.
  6. Create a reward system. You can decide what they earn and how it works. Rewarding your child after hard work can motivate them to get the work done.
  7. Remove any distractions including TV, radio or other electronics.
  8. If they ask for it, help them. It's okay to help them if they stuck on a problem or need something explained to them, but it's important not to do the work for them.
  9. Praise your child's efforts. This can be a great motivator for them. All children want to hear that they've done a good job and that their parents are proud of them.
  10. Make it fun. I remember when my mother used candy when we were doing math homework and it

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