Question Of The Day: Is Homework A Waste Of Time?

There is much debate as to whether or not homework actually is useful. Many people think that it is a good way for students to learn; whilst others think that the time could be better used doing something more constructive. The following outlines various arguments for and against setting students work to do at home.

You can’t ask for the teacher’s help if you get stuck

If you have to do any work at home then it means that you are unable to talk to the teacher should you get stuck. Essentially, this can be pointless if you can’t do that work because you don’t know enough about the subject. It is much easier to learn about something when there is an expert present to give you good guidance. As a result, it is completely pointless to force students to do homework, when the time could be used much more efficiently in class.

Students can pay other writers to do the work for them

It is also worth noting that some students choose to pay other writers to do the work for them. If this is the case then there is clearly no benefit to having set the student the work. Essentially, all it is doing is costing the student extra money and the teacher extra time to mark the work, but with no teaching or learning advantages for either party.

Homework encourages independent thinking

While students may be able to get other people to do the work for them, there are many students are happy to do it themselves. Equally, for students that do get stuck with their work, there can be the argument that it encourages independent thinking. Just because there is not an expert on hand to help, it doesn’t mean that the student cannot research the answers or find out more details about the work that they are doing online. As a result, homework provides students with critical skills that will help them last a lifetime.

So, is homework a waste of time or not?

It is fairly difficult to come to a conclusive answer as to whether or not setting students work to do at home is a waste of time or not. The problem is that some students do benefit from doing work at home, whilst others simply don’t. Essentially, everyone is unique and, therefore, to suggest that homework is really useful or a waste of time for everyone is simply wrong. For some people it really does enhance the learning process, whereas for others, it makes little or no difference.

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