Physics Homework Solutions: How To Detect Unreliable Sources

When you need to make a complicated homework, you can find yourself searching for help in the strangest places. As long as you get the information that you want, the source does not really matter. But how do you detect the untrustworthy sources? There are few signs you need to watch out for; most of them are obvious, and you can recognize them easily. You wouldn’t want to go to the school with fake data in your paper, so here are some tips to help you in your search:

  • Anyone can write anything on the Internet. Before searching for help online, you have to know that any student can have access to educational platforms. Many of them submit papers that are not necessarily bad, but they are not verified, and they can prove to be insufficient for your course. If you want to know what websites are trustworthy, see how active the admin is. On serious pages, the admin will verify each submitted text, and he will hurry to delete any fake information. If you don’t see any of this, probably it’s better to search for another page.
  • How good the student is? Many times you will look at your classmate’s homework to see how they completed it and to get some ideas. Usually, if the student is not so good in physics but he shows up with a complete and complex homework, he probably took it from the internet from one of those odd pages. It is better to seek help only from people who have experience in the subject.
  • Search for mistakes. As strange it might seem, a paper that has a few obvious corrected mistakes is usually good. This means that the author verified the content and took his time to check all the exercises. Physics is a complex subject, so it’s very less likely for a student to make an entire homework without any mistake.
  • Watch the calculus. When you need to calculate something in your homework, you usually have some side notes where you put your primary information. If the student that helps you has these side notes, it means he did the work by himself, and he took the time to make everything step-by-step. When the exercises look too clean, without any side notes or corrections, there is a big chance somebody else did it for him, or he copied it.

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