Best Nation to Live in

Every nation in the world has its positive and negative qualities. It has things that draw people to stay and want to move there, but it also has factors that drive people away and make people never wanting to come there. It is difficult for one to state definitively which nation is the absolute best one to live in. It all boils down to a matter of opinion and what that individual holds values and standards. With that being said, it is obvious that there are places in the world that people would rather not have to live in. This could be due to plenty of different reasons such as the certain climatic conditions of the nation, your age, your race, the standard of living in the nation, etc.

Just because a nation is economically stable does not mean that everyone is living happy and care free. There are still going to be some type of problem no matter where you go. Nothing is perfect anywhere. However, there are some factors that can determine ensure a comfortable and happy life. The first thing to consider is the GDP per capita. Next, you should take into account the amount of social support available to citizens. Third is the life expectancy of the people in the country. Longer life expectancy is a good thing to have in the country. This includes infant morbidity rates. It is also good to look at the rates of diseases and other health concerns. Another big thing that is great to have is the freedoms to make you own choices and hold the occupation of that you choose. In some countries, you do not get the right to make you own choices. As a man, you could be forced to join the military or forced into a job that you did not want. The same can go for women. Having autonomy is a big deal to most people.

If there were one nation to choose from that carried these qualities to the best of its ability, it would be Denmark. Denmark has been known as the world’s happiest country for quite a while now. The people of Denmark live happy and corruption free lives. The crime rates here are nearly nonexistent. Even in a time of recession, the economy is better than most countries at their peak. They have something for every age and both genders. The gender equality here is something to aspire for, and the childcare costs are impeccable. If you are looking for the best nation to live in, then this is a near perfect choice.

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