Coping with Anatomy Homework: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Anatomy is a tough class, and there will be much homework. Many of that homework is foundation based and stacked. You have to learn one thing, such as the bones in the foot, before you can move to the next idea. Here is a guide for beginners on coping with Anatomy homework.


  • Be organized-you need folders, notecards, diagrams, and lecture notes all nicely organized if you wish to have success in this class. There are no exceptions to this you must be organized.
  • Ask questions-ask questions in class, ask questions after class, and ask questions via email. You have to take the steps and ask your professor questions.
  • Know your bones-you will eventually know all the bones in the body. There are a lot of books out there that give extra guidance with learning these bones. They go beyond the textbook. However, keep in mind there are muscles to be learned, as well as other body parts. The bones do not stand-alone. Look online and at your bookstore for some of these fine supplemental materials.
  • Know your muscles-yes, you need to know your bones and your muscles and all aspects of the human body and its functions.
  • Have good notes-you have to take thorough notes in class. If you are going to be absent, ask your study buddy, to let you review his or her notes. If you do not have an Anatomy study buddy, find one immediately.
  • Pronounce all those words out loud-you must know the words and know how to pronounce them correctly. You can practice with a peer, and you can also find recordings of the pronunciations for help.
  • Draw –draw every single new body part you learn. You will learn the parts and their characteristics more quickly if you just draw them. Your teacher may actually assign you a sector to draw for a grade, but draw all the parts as often as you can.
  • Take the pre-class-there are some pre-classes that you can take in order to help you learn the basics.
  • Hire a tutor-if ever you might need to hire a tutor this may be the class. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling. Never get so far behind that you cannot catch up in the class.

Follow these tips as you take this challenging science class. Good luck!

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