Year 2 Homework Ideas: 10 Points To Consider

When your child is in the second year of school, you don’t know how to help him. His homework seems too difficult for someone so young, and you are scared that he will not be able to handle everything. Besides, he needs to study for so many courses at the same time and he has almost no time to play. You want to make things easier for him, so he can enjoy some free times. These 10 ideas will help you:

  1. Never forget his age. At times you might get frustrated that he is not listening to you, and that he is not focusing on his homework. However, you have to remember that he is very young and he can not behave like a grown up.

  2. You have to make it fun. If you try to help him with his assignments with a frowned face, he will not be eager to collaborate with you. Try to keep a smile on your face when you are talking with him.

  3. He will study better with a classmate. Children have a way of understanding things different from adults. This is why he will always be more receptive to a classmate than he is to you.

  4. Try to use colors as often as possible. This will make the entire process more fun, and he will feel like he is drawing something, not writing math exercises. Believe me, this trick will really work.

  5. Reward him. If he will finish his homework in one hour, you will make his favorite dessert. It’s simple and fun for both of you and he will be instantly motivated.

  6. Don’t let him open his computer. It will distract him even if he is not actually using it. He will ask himself what are his friends doing, or what new game he can try.

  7. Watch documentaries together. This is a great way of getting new information for his assignment. Besides, he will be happy for this and he will not feel bored.

  8. Don’t use numbers too often. It can be extremely confusing for a student so young to deal with numbers at calculus all the time.

  9. Don’t allow him to take information from the internet. You don’t know who wrote that information and you don’t want him to write something wrong in his homework.

  10. Let him make mistakes. Only in this way he will be able to improve himself.

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